Annual Meeting 2010
I want to encourage all of you to make plans to attend the next annual meeting that will be held in Decatur, Georgia October 28 to 30th. Our theme is “Healthy, Just and Sustainable Communities,” and Decatur exemplifies the full range of this theme. Although part of the Atlanta metropolitan area, Decatur offers the small community advantages that make walking, talking, socializing, and other healthy activities easy. Moreover, the progressive ideas formed by the citizens of Decatur give ample evidence of its dedication to safe and sustainable communities. Come spend a few days with us and
you will know what I mean.

For our esteemed colleagues and guests who attend the 2010 annual conference, we are reserving a semi-private area in the “Great Hall” at Fernbank Museum of Natural History for the “Martini & Imax” Halloween Event.  Transportation will be provided, as well as food.  There will be a cash bar.  The cost is $25, including an Imax film, and $20 to enjoy the food and museum without the film.

New for 2010!
You may register for our annual meeting online, using your credit card or your paypal account.

Just follow a few simple steps:

1) The first step is joining Member Manager.  If you have not yet joined, click on "JOIN GSA NOW!!" on the bar on the left side of your screen.  Fill in the information and your request for Member Manager registration will be processed shortly.

2) Once you are signed up for Member Manager, go ahead and “Login.” If you have already signed up and you are having trouble logging in, email for help with your username and password.

3) After you log in, you will be greeted with a welcome screen and a link to the registration page for the annual meeting.  Under the “City of Decatur” logo, click “Register.”  You will be given the opportunity to pay BOTH your annual dues and your meeting registration fees.  Scroll down so that you may register for the Business Luncheon and Awards Presentation and our special social event at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, including the opportunity to see an IMAX film (choose $25 to see the film and choose $20 to skip the film and enjoy the food and lovely company). 

4) Finally, click on register and you may pay online!  If you don't have a paypal account, look for the icon for your credit card.  NOTE: You will pay an extra $3.50 if you register online in order to cover the processing costs.  You may choose to mail in a paper registration form, if you wish.

Please check out the links to the left for more information.
Healthy, Just, and Sustainable Communities

Decatur, GA
October 28-30

Miriam W Boeri,
Kennesaw State University
President, GSA